We are very excited to welcome Izzy Klein to the Optimal Function & Wellness team! Izzy recently moved to Boulder from New York City and will be practicing massage therapy out of our South Boulder office located inside of Isolate Flotation Center.  Please read Izzy’s introduction below.  We are more than excited to have him as a new addition on our team.

Hi! My name is Izzy Klein. I am extremely excited to join Optimal Function Wellness and to share my skills as a Massage Therapist and Mobility specialist with this cutting edge fitness community.

My journey all starts in Queens, New York, where I grew up to the backdrop of honking horns, highway white-noise, blasting car radios, and the smells of every kind of international dish you can imagine. I had a wonderful but mostly normal childhood, consisting of great public schools and club sports during the school year, and day camp during the summers.  At the end of the summer my dad would take my sister and I on trips to the surrounding mountains (or hills as you Coloradans would call them) where we would mountain bike, river raft, and try and count all the deer and birds of prey soaring above us. These outings were my connection to nature and I owe it all to my father because otherwise I was surrounded by a whole lot of concrete in the big city.

From Queens, I moved on to college in the Pacific Northwest where I learned that there is a rainforest in the U.S and that trees could be as big as skyscrapers. At school I began studying botany and ecology, but later focused on biology, nutrition, and mindfulness (I know what you’re thinking… and you’re right, my school was awesome and I got to design my own major). There my summer activities advanced to climbing, backpacking, and biking in the gorgeous cascade mountains.

Thanks for reading this far about my very normal, happy life! Because most of what I’ve shared is not so related to how I got into massage therapy. But now I’ll tell you how I got into bodywork,  movement, and health.  

A huge turning point in my life took place while I was in college. My outdoor enthusiast buddies and I used to climb trees for fun because they grew like ladders and we could go as high as 150 feet on some of them. One day I was climbing when a branch snapped and I fell 30 feet to the forest floor. As terrible of an accident as it was, everything about it was lucky.  I was lucky I wasn’t higher up. I was lucky I was with people who could call for help. I was lucky I didn’t fall on my head. I was lucky I didn’t die and I was extremely lucky I wasn’t paralyzed. I knew it was bad though. Mostly because I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t move and when the EMT came they called for a helicopter headed to the best trauma hospital in the region. There I learned I was just a couple of millimeters away from being paralyzed and that I had broken my spine and shattered my wrist. They did emergency surgery to fuse my spine where it had broken, and so began my long path to recovery.

2009: Right after surgery
2019: Living free from pain

I absolutely love what I do! I love learning about the body and working with people. I feel like my accident put me on my life’s path to help people at a time where receiving the right help from our healthcare system can seem hard to find. As a massage therapist I offer the compassion and the patience that it takes to stick with people on their journey back to full health and self-reliance. This mixed with my education in anatomy and exercise science, gives me a unique, integrative way of seeing the body and helping people get back to health. If you are ready to get better and are willing to put in the work, we can work together to reach your goals! I am all about integrative health. There is no silver bullet method that will get you better. But some methods work better than others, and I’m always trying to learn those. For this reason I specialize in medical massage for injury rehabilitation, and Thai Yoga massage for joint mobility. I am also an FRC provider which focuses on building joint strength and I offer private mobility sessions.So, having the first hand experience of the benefits of massage I decided to go back to school at the City University of New York to study Massage Therapy in 2014.

After graduating I began working at an elite gym in Manhattan with high performing athletes, body builders, and movie stars. I also worked at a Physical Therapy office where my client base contained more post-surgical injury-rehabilitation. While New York City will forever be my home, I moved out to Boulder in October so I could be closer to the mountains and an outdoor lifestyle. I am so happy I met Jake at Optimal Function Wellness here in Boulder because we are body nerds, and share a similar philosophy about health and wellness. And we both love the outdoors and massage therapy. I am very excited to spread our skills to the Boulder community.Thank god for my surgeons and doctors for saving me from being paralyzed!  If it wasn’t for them, I might be in a wheelchair today. However, the follow up care I received was next to nothing, topped with a list of don’ts: Don’t do contact sports, don’t bend your back too much, don’t do push ups or use your wrist too much, don’t, don’t, don’t and not enough “Do’s” in my opinion. And on top of all the “don’ts” I was still in a lot of pain and didn’t have much direction. So, after 3 years of chronic pain, depression, and no additional help from my doctors, I turned to alternative medicine. I started with energy work, moved to acupuncture, and finally found a medical massage therapist who undoubtedly was the turning point in my healing process and helped me get back to all of the physical activities that I loved: hiking, biking, running, backpacking, and weightlifting.  Once I felt better I began to practice yoga, and saw a personal trainer who specialized in mobility work. I am blessed to say that today after a lot of work I am limitless and can move freely once again in this beautiful human body. I could not have done it without a lot of help and support along the way and for that I’m very grateful. The journey was and is not easy at times, but I do not regret any of it. Today I box, I do brazilian jiu jitsu, I trail run, I mountain bike, I climb 14,000 foot mountains, I play the drums and I do it all with confidence in my ability to move well.   

I can’t wait to work with you. It is an honor! See you at Optimal Function and Wellness.

-Izzy Klein, LMT

Izzy is available for massage and mobility training at Optimal Function & Wellness Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. To find information regarding Izzy’s availability and scheduling, click here.

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