To ensure best results, we like for all new clients to begin with our comprehensive intake evaluation and treatment. This process allows us to develop a better strategy of treatment going forward for you so you get everything you need and there’s no time wasted!

The Initial Intake includes:

  • Functional Movement & Posture Screen
  • 60-Minute Therapeutic Massage
  • 4-Week Corrective Exercise Plan

We utilize a variety of modalities to best treat your specific condition. These treatments are not priced separately; we will use whichever technique seems most appropriate and that your body responds best to in that individual session.

The modalities we use include:


Massage is a useful therapeutic tool for many ailments, but there are many additional tools that can increase the effectiveness of massage and speed up your healing. Along with providing services in our office, we also offer traveling massage services.

We combine massage with every tool at our disposal to ensure your healing process is as fast and efficient as possible.

We offer additional services, including:

Functional Movement Screen
Outcall Massage
Onsite Corporate Chair Massage and Mobility Classes
Private Mobility Classes