The Temporomandibular Joint, sometimes called the Jaw Joint is in front of the ear. The joint attaches the lower jaw to the skull and allows you to open and close your mouth, chew and speak. If this joint does not function properly, it can be very painful. The most obvious feature is pain, headaches, followed by restricted mandibular movement and even noises from the tempromandibular joint during jaw movement.

Therapeutic Massage Therapy can help eliminate the symptoms and causes of TMJD by restoring balance in the muscles in the face, neck and jaw. Tight muscles in the upper body often start with a crooked pelvis because the spine is sitting on the pelvis. If the pelvis is crooked, the spine is crooked.

There are many lifestyle habits that can contribute to TMJ including

Tight muscles around the jaw (especially the master) from grinding teeth and stress. This kind of stress makes your tight muscles even tighter.

Chewing gum, poor posture, reading in bed, cradling a phone between your ear, sitting at a desk. These activities put a lot of strain on your neck and shoulders and jaw that can lead to TMJD