Tendinitis and tendinosis are both dysfunctions of tendons, Tendons along with fascia are the 2 crucial structures in our bodies that connect our muscles to our bones. Tendons must be as strong as the muscles to withstand our strongest muscle contractions, as well as being flexible enough to allow the endless amounts of movements and stress we put our bodies through every day. The best way to keep tendons healthy and elastic is with a balanced amount of good circulation, nutrition, hydration, exercise and rest.

A healthy tendon sometimes can tear in extreme situations where there is a sudden force or trauma to an area. Anyone can suffer from injuries like this but is more common in athletes. When there is trauma to an area a tear can cause inflammation and pain, known as tendinitis, and scar tissue forms as the healing process continues.

On the other end of the spectrum tendinosis is the result of a much more common scenario found today in our society when repetitive strain and chronic overuse cause excessive breakdown within the tendon on a molecular level. This disorganization of the tendon tends to occur without inflammation. This is a problem because without inflammation to the area the healing process is significantly longer then when there is inflammation. By causing therapeutic amounts of inflammation to an area it can help reorganize the scar tissue and help increase the speed of the healing process