Scoliosis is diagnosed when a posterior view of the spinal column reveals lateral bends. A scoliosis curve to the right side of center will form a compensating bend back to the left side, and vice versa. Scoliosis usually occurs in the thoracic or lumbar areas of the back. A normal spine has a vertical curve measuring less than 10 degrees. By measuring the curve’s angle using the vertebra at the apex of the curve as a starting point, a scoliotic spine measures curves of 10 degrees in mild cases and up to 90 degrees in the most severe cases

Therapeutic Massage can help with scoliosis by effectively treating the muscles that effect the curvature in your spine as well as helping to correct dysfunctional movement patterns.

We are committed to help educate you about your curve and give you specific exercises to help correct imbalances and poor movement patterns.

Our approach provides specific myofascial release techniques to help correct your neuromuscular holding patterns, as well as treating the muscles that compensate for your postural deviations.