Discounts on Massage every Self Care Sundays!

At Optimal Function & Wellness, we believe in the value of self care. It’s the easiest thing in the world to justify taking care of others. But when it comes to taking care of yourself, its a different matter entirely. So we want you to treat yourself to a Massage.

Thats why every Sunday is Self-Care Sunday. We want to encourage you to relax and recharge. So as an incentive to give yourself some self care, we are offering $20 every 90 min massage booked on Sunday! You can either buy one for your self or share the love and buy a massage gift certificate for a loved one. 

Our therapists are here to help you achieve optimal function within your body.  You may agree there is nothing better and more rewarding then spending time bettering yourself.  We believe that our sessions can give you the relief and relaxation you deserve. One of our motto’s is that you cant pour from an empty cup, so were here to help you feel your best.

We have been serving clients for nearly 10 years helping them live a life that is pain free and stress free. Our office is located in Boulder Colorado and wouldn’t want to be practicing our healing arts anywhere else!

Who can benefit from Massage?

Weather you are an athlete, someone dealing with chronic pain or someone who just needs to take some time for themselves. We advise treating yourself to one of our amazing services. Enjoy a relaxing  or an Invigorating Sports Massage. We also offer a very unique modality, Thai Massage.

Our Therapists have regular availability on most Sundays from 10-6. We recommend booking your session in advance as our schedule has a tendency to book up quick.

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