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We are pleased to be offering massage services in two Boulder locations!

Optimal Function Wellness (Central) *New Location!*

Address: 1810 30th Street Boulder CO 80301 Located Inside of The Dailey Method Phone Number: 413-531-8774

South Boulder Location

Address: 643 S Broadway Boulder, CO 80305 Phone Number: 413-531-8774

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We are excited to be offering massage therapy treatments at our new Optimal Movement Studio. The Studio is located in Boulder, Colorado. Our studio offers group classes that are focused on improving Joint Health, Mobility and Strength.

The Wellness offerings onsite at Optimal Movement Studio and at our South Boulder Location are currently Pain Management Treatments, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Thai Massage.

Optimal Function Wellness’s skilled massage therapists & mobility specialists can treat members and non-members in a private setting in our massage room.

Pain Management Treatment: Our highly trained Massage Therapists can support you with a Pain Management treatment. This massage is for all types of pain management. We use an empirically-based form of massage known as neuromuscular rehabilitation therapy. This type of massage is a highly effective way to reduce or eliminate chronic pain by addressing the root cause of the issue.

Pain management sessions are rarely full-body. In our sessions, we’ll work to find the primary source of the problem, targeting trigger points, releasing stuck muscle, and finding problematic movement patterns that limit range of motion. Guided by clinical evidence, we customize each session based on the client’s condition and level of pain. This type of therapy can feel painful at first, so your therapist will continually communicate with you to ensure you’re getting the most from your session.

Great for:

  • Neurological conditions like fibromyalgia or trigeminal neuralgia
  • Post-surgical care
  • Athletic recovery
  • Acute injuries

Sports & Deep Tissue Massage Therapy: Our skilled team can provide a Sports Massage or Therapeutic Deep Tissue treatment for those who are not suffering with chronic pain issues.

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to benefit from sports massage. Tailored to your sport, activity level, and any injuries, this type of massage is designed to support and improve your body’s recovery from workouts, injuries, and general wear and tear.

Sports massage keeps your muscles and connective tissue (ligaments and tendons) balanced, helping prevent injury, reduce fatigue and promote mobility, especially as you age.

Great for:

  • Moderate exercisers experiencing tightness and reduced recovery times
  • People who have repetitive wear and tear (i.e. gardening)
  • CrossFitters and professional athletes

Therapeutic Thai Massage: Our skilled team of professionals can provide a Therapeutic Thai Massage treatment for those who are not suffering with chronic pain issues.

Thai Massage is a more active massage than standard spa massages, our therapeutic Thai massage uses fluid and dynamic movements that twist and stretch our clients to improve mobility, balance, and movement.

Unlike deep tissue or sports massage, clients remain fully clothed (we recommend something you’d wear to a yoga class), and the session is conducted either on the floor or on a thick cushion. Benefits of Thai massage include boosted energy, increased circulation, and improved range of motion in your joints.

Great for:

  • People experienced with massage
  • Clients looking for more active massage