The best massage I have ever received! Jake has such a positive, loving energy... He's a true therapist.
Kelsey ShumateInjury Recovery and Maintenance
Jake is an amazing body worker. He is extremely knowledgeable and is always willing to give advice on how to relieve pain and discomfort.
Katherine LaskeyInjury Recovery and Maintenance
Jake is a true Healer. I highly recommend him!
Kimberly WagnerInjury Recovery and Maintenance
Jake is a knowledgeable therapist with a well rounded approach to mobility and functional movement.
Sydney FullerMaintenance
Jake is my go to therapist for referrals for bodywork. As a sports medicine acupuncturist I need a referral source that is reliable, dependable, and gets quick results. Jake does all of those things. He's pleasant, professional, and extremely knowledgable. If you are looking to take your game to the next level, Jake is the perfect ally to help get you there! Book a session with him. You won't be sorry!
Lindsay LongMaintenance
Jake is the best. He’s extremely knowledgeable, passionate about what he does and helping his clients. He has me on the road to reclaiming my youth!
Ret TaylorInjury Recovery and Maintenance
I am a 17 year old who does competitive crossfit and strength training. For any injury or maintenance that my body has or needs, Jake has worked with me for a few months now and has significantly helped and heal my body, along with improvements on form, posture, and everyday movement. I highly recommend OFW for anyone who wants to improve strength and health no matter what level of athletics you participate in.
Jusitn FerlandInjury Recovery and Maintenance
Jake is a master of the healing arts. No matter where you are on your wellness journey, Jake can meet you their and take you beyond what you thought was possible. I trust very few LMTs and on the top of that short list is Jake from functional wellness. I am excited to continue working with him and to see my over all health increase.
Erik BreakellInjury Recovery and Maintenance
I won’t go to anyone else. Jake understands the body and offers instant relief. I love that he’s always willing to teach; mobility, form, recovery. He’s my go to!
Maddy MinesInjury Recovery and Maintenance
The best body worker I have ever been to! So knowledgeable and has helped me keep my body together through many races. Not just a massage therapist, so much more!
Jake is the best! Extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his work. He's helped me overcome several injuries and gotten me back into the game every time. Can't recommend him enough!
Nik HanksInjury Recovery
Jake is fantastic. I had a back/psoas injury that kept me out of CrossFit for 6 months. I had tried physical therapy, chiropractic, and other massage care without success before finding Jake. Jake was the first to CORRECTLY identify the true source of my pain. Thanks to weekly massages I'm back in CrossFit and finally healing. He listens carefully, asks great questions, has awesome tips, and is an excellent masseuse. I highly recommend Jake!
Erin SmerekInjury Recovery
Jake is simply an exceptional massage therapist. I've been seeing him for 18 months, he fixes things when they break and prevents the vast majority from breaking in the first place. Jake is constantly seeking out new methods and striving to deepen his education in therapeutic massage. You won't find a better massage therapist in Colorado, highly recommend.
Steve HatzisInjury Recovery and Maintenance
Jake is awesome! I had a bacterial infection in my spine. After the infection cleared, I was left with lingering pain and limitations to my mobility. I was beginning to think I was not going to be able to recover fully. Luckily for me, I found Jake. Jake has been able to help me work through the lingering issues from that illness and return to a pain free place where I feel happy and strong again! Jake really is an expert. If you need help to feel your best, see Jake!
Kirstin GillespiePain and Mobility Treatment
Jake is awesome. I met Jake after I had an incident deadlifting with my back. Through weekly 90min massages, I'm back lifting heavier than before. Rack pulled 505 for a triple last week. Massages are customized to my needs / areas of discomfort. I feel great after each session, and feel ready to go smash some weights. Highly recommended. Also solid taste of music.
Matt S.Injury Recovery
"I came to see Jake after dealing with severe shin splints that were preventing me from running. I had seen several specialists beforehand and had no successful treatment. Jake went above and beyond in these sessions. It is evident that Jake is invested in my wellness and I would highly recommend him to anyone suffering from an injury"
Joelle RickardInjury Recovery
"Jake is amazing! Jake really helped me with my plantar fasciitis. After months of not being able to run and many unsuccessful treatments, just a few session with Jake got me back on my feet again. I would highly recommend Jake to anyone trying to recover from injury"
Sue T.Injury Recovery
The combination of Jake's mobility training 2x week, massage 1x week, and his extensive knowledge about injury prevention has significantly improved my chronic back pain, all over body stiffness, and hope. I would highly recommend Jacob to anyone suffering from chronic pain
Margaret RuskiewiczInjury Recovery